How to write a research paper that will amaze your professor

The research paper writing is one of the most critical tasks which the students are entrusted at university level. It is a mandatory requirement and you cannot earn a degree in any other way. The impact of such a task on your academic career stats is a lot significant. You may or may not get a job just based on your thesis. It means that the students really need to work hard on it and try to come up with something exceptional that could help them in securing an ideal job in the practical field. But, at first, you have to amaze your professor with your brilliance. If he is satisfied, then the things would really shape up very nicely in your professional field. The challenge is never easy and there are a lot of things that the students need to look after. If you are doing it for the first time then make sure you allocate ample amount of time to give it to all aspects of such a crucial task. Guidance is important and you must seek help from your teachers, library and any other useful sources on a regular basis. Rather, you would automatically refer to all such help resources as the task is literally next to impossible to do on your own.

How to write a research paper that will amaze your professor:

Well, if the challenge is to amaze your professor with your work, then you really need to work hard on all the aspects and sections of your paper. There are a number of things that you must keep in mind while going through different phases. The following is a brief account of some of the most crucial things that you must keep in mind while writing such a paper:

  • Choosing a topic – Topic selection is the most crucial and the hardest part which must be given some time to save you from future hassles. It must have all the ingredients that a quality thesis must have. The topic must be relevant to the contemporary time and should have scope in future as well.
  • Find information – Gather all information regarding the topic and it should be top notch and fool proof. The authenticity of the information is critical and you may be penalized for any unreliable source reference.

Develop a tentative outline

The outline should be comprehensive which in a way would make your further tasks easier. It will give a structure to your paper and you can easily expand to make it a full fledge research paper.

Organize your notes

All the notes that you gather during your information finding process should be well organized. It will save your time and will help you to easily recall all your notes when you are doing the writing of your paper.

Write your first draft

In the first draft, your aim should be to write your paper with all the information that you gathered. Proofreading and editing comes later and you must not divert your attention on that at this stage


It is a crucial task and requires a lot of your time in editing your document. The more your proofread, the better and mature your paper will become to impress your professor.

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