List of Interesting Research Paper Topics Related to Accounting

It doesn’t matter if you are working on an accounting research paper for your college or graduate level class. The first step towards getting a top grade is choosing a great topic, and luckily this subject offers plenty of interesting ones to choose from. Here is a list for you to consider:

  1. Do current accounting standards live up to their finance objectives? Are standards being updated or revised at the speed of technology, or is there a lag that poses potential risks in stability?
  2. What implications are there for the increasing demand of reporting social and environmental information for big corporations? Does this make finance more difficult or easier to report?
  3. How do degrees and education in finance differ in different countries? How does this affect the way countries interact in matters of finance and investment? Would relations be improved if there were an overseeing body or committee?
  4. What are the best practices for reporting on sustainability? What has been the most effective standard by which others’ success can be measured? What will it take for various corporations to adapt a universal practice?
  5. How is internal control impacted by causing insecurities or securing assets among employees at mid- to large-size corporations? Is the difference significant enough to signal a need for change?
  6. Discuss the history of women in accounting and whether or not there is a gender bias or other kind of discrimination present? What factors exist that maintain these biases?
  7. Discuss the view that accounting represents a new form of art. Consider the perceptions and truths in documents like annual reports, quarterly reports, etc. Do ethics play a role in this?
  8. Analyze the practice of outsourcing accounting overseas from the perspective of a country of your choice. How financially stable is this country in comparison to the world?
  9. How do financial practices differ between small and large companies? Do differences make it more difficult for government oversight and the development of policy?
  10. Do internal financial controls have an impact on human resources and the employees hired at large corporations? Provide a detailed case study.
  11. Research how ethics are treated within an education in finance. Do ethics receive enough emphasis in coursework? What have been the outcomes?
  12. Compare accounting education practices between European and Asian countries. How do differences affect the way these regions interact with other parts of the world?

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