Top 20 Best Research Paper Topics For Music Education

Music education is a broad and really exciting field for academic research. As every successful survey begins from an effective topic, it’s essential to pay enough attention to choosing and formulating it properly. Of course, your topic should be fully original and plagiarism-free, but getting inspired by already existing ideas may help you organize your thoughts.

20 Inspiring Ideas for Developing Your Research Paper Topic

  1. The most influential contemporary musicians.
  2. How can music be used for children’s early development?
  3. Main effects music has on mental health.
  4. Does choosing proper music improve learning process?
  5. Key problems a young musician encounters while making a name.
  6. The ways music can be used for healing purposes.
  7. How did a musical culture of the US change throughout the XX century?
  8. Today’s challenges and opportunities students’ bands face.
  9. A comparative analysis of the most popular music genres in different countries.
  10. A history of jazz as a reflection of important social phenomena.
  11. The ways music is applied in advertising.
  12. Can music become harmful in some cases?
  13. Main reasons why basic music education is crucial for everyone.
  14. How does music affect the process of memorization?
  15. The techniques that allow deaf people getting in touch with music.
  16. Key features of foreign music marketing.
  17. How does the development of Internet technologies influence a modern music market?
  18. The ways favorite music genres can determine a personality.
  19. Playing in a band vs. building a solo career: key features and challenges.
  20. How does ethnic music reflect national mentality?

Useful Guidelines on Selecting an Effective Topic

First of all, the topic that you pick for your research must be specific enough for you to manage within one academic paper. Before making a final decision it’s good to perform a brief preliminary survey and make sure that you have the required level of proficiency and will be able to collect enough credible material to cover a chosen topic comprehensively. Also, be prepared to slightly change your topic in accordance with the data you will discover.

Another important thing to remember is that your topic should be formulated in proper words. Don’t use any ambiguous expressions that may imply variations in reading. Your audience must clearly understand from reading the topic what your paper is about and why this issue is worth researching. Use simple and concise language and don’t forget to make your topic eye-catching enough to hook the attention of your readers successfully and provoke their interest to the content of your work.

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