The 10 Best Term Paper Topics About Terrorism For High School Students

High school term papers are one of the big assignments of a student’s undergraduate career. We try to make sure our children are beginning to prepare for the world ahead of them in college and beyond. Any topic on terrorism will end up in a fantastic paper. All of the ingredients are there for an excellent paper. We have handed kids the pieces of a fantastic paper on a silver platter. It is up to the student to “mix” the information and create a masterpiece. Students can find all of the information they need and study any area of terrorism that interests them. Now they have to develop a thesis. Any argument of any thesis on terrorism will spark the interest of the reader. All of the information is practically dropped in the student’s lap. Now he can create his outline. What does he want to express to his readers? Create the map that will allow the reader to meander through the paper and stay interested in the topic. Terrorism is unique because of the huge amount of information that is out there. Once the student wades through and finds what he feels in the truth, he can turn all of that information into a fantastic term paper.

Terrorism has become a hot topic in recent years. High school students have the opportunity to explore many different topics related to this highly volatile topic. They have the chance to share these topics with their peers. I have listed just 10 of them below:

  1. Bin Laden
  2. Counterterrorism- the fight against terrorism
  3. Bioterrorism- Not all terrorism is blowing people up. We sometimes forget the different types and some students may dare to stop out and try these topics.
  4. Cyberterrorism- Another type of damage that can be spread through the world and cause mass panic
  5. Collateral Damage resulting from terrorism
  6. Immigration changes since 9/11
  7. Should suspected terrorists have any civil rights?
  8. How has the internet made our world more dangerous?
  9. Kidnapping
  10. Terrorism vs natural disaster

I have listed just a few topics about terrorism. There are literally millions of themes a high school student can explore. The internet has been pivotal in the success and failure of terrorism.

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