Writing Decent Acknowledgments For A Research Paper: A Quick Guide

Papers are written on a daily basis, but many writers have people that have helped them out in some form or fashion with completing their research paper that they would like to show their appreciation to. It is not a widely done process, but one can write an acknowledgement within the final draft of their paper to help recognize those individuals or those specific companies in the manner that they would like to. There are a few things to keep in mind when you want to take the time out to give out recognition to the deserving parties, and they include things like:

  • Previously creating a list so that you do not forget someone

  • The person or the company's proper spelling of their name

  • Remember that this is not a speech for you to say for an award, so there is no need for putting any family members in this section unless they helped you with this specific project in some way.

  • A short and sweet description of how the person helped you out. For example, I would like to thank Mr. Bob Smith for lending me his research on airplanes so I could include it in my paper.

  • The structure of the acknowledgement and recognition can be written in one of two styles either formal or informal.

  • Formal: written in the style of the paper meaning it follows the same format and should flow like the original document.

  • Informal: written how you would want to without limitation so basically a free style of writing.

So the steps that you take to create a thank you page that is worthy of the people that helped you create it basically involves remembering who helped you with what and who really deserves mentioning in this specific section. To perform these tasks the correct way, you basically think about who or what has improved your work with their give advice and add them to the list. You must then decide if you want to mention the help that they offered to you in your time of need. This page is meant to benefit people with a few words. It should be included at either the very end or the very beginning, so it does not interrupt the flow of the document and so that people will be able to see it in its entirety.

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