A List Of Great Topics For A Research Paper On Medical Technology

The study of medicine has been of interest to humankind since our history began. Many advances have been made since the days of the medicine man with the leather pouch and new discoveries continue to be made every day. One of the most significant driving forces responsible for medical innovation is our recent technological revolution and here are ten topics for a research paper on medical technology:

  1. Mechanical body parts
  2. As we get better at making replacement body the parts more and more previously handicapped people are now able to return to a normal way of life. How far can this technology go before we begin to be just brains attached to robots?

  3. Auto repair nanotechnology
  4. We’re getting better at nano-devices and have even made a group of self aware micro-robots. Discuss the problems facing nanotechnology being implemented into the human body as an automatic repair tool.

  5. Remote controlled surgical robots
  6. A surgeon may longer be required to be on spot to perform a surgery. With advances in robotics a surgeon can perform surgery from overseas via an internet connection. Will this ever become viable based on our current engineering capabilities?

  7. Growing human body parts
  8. We can now grow replacement parts using genetically similar organisms. Provide an argument supporting the implementation of this procedure into medical practices.

  9. The antibiotic arms war
  10. Pathogens are evolving resistances to our strongest weapons against them, antibiotics. Would it have been wiser to simply let diseases kill out the weaker humans and then survivors would reproduce creating a more resistant species of man?

  11. The ability to map genes
  12. We now have the ability to map and alter genetic coding, discuss the impact this can have on health care.

  13. Space labs
  14. How much improvement can we expect from the creation of treatments in the weightless environment provided by labs in space?

  15. 3D printed organs
  16. 3D printers can possibly print human organs one day. Would this ability devalue the worth of a human organ?

  17. Projecting images from the brain
  18. Machines have been develop that can project the thoughts of a person onto a screen. Could this method be used to help patients suffering from brain damage?

  19. Brain-Computer interface
  20. This type of interface can be used to alter one’s focus or allow someone with physical disabilities to affect the world around them via a computer. Are the advantages of this type of technology worth the high costs of development?

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