Writing A Research Paper- Citing Rules For Internet Sources

One of the major thing that a lot of students struggle with in school is understanding how to format your resources correctly in your paper. There are many different formats and knowing how to format a source from the internet is easy once you know how to complete it.

There are a few different things that you will need to know so that you can cite the information properly. This is a generalized formatting style. If your instructor asks you to use a specific format for your paper, you need to locate the formatting guide and follow their instructions. Make sure that when you are using an article off of the internet that it is a reliable source. There is a lot of information on the internet so it is essential that you choose a credible source. Just keep in mind that anyone can create a web site and write anything they want about a subject. Here is a pretty basic way to quote a resource that you find on the web.

Reference list citations

There are many news sources that have online websites where they present their stories. You can find other credible sources that include specialized magazines. General informational sites on a subject are probably not verified and should be avoided. If you are using one of these sites, you would want to site your source like this:

Authors last name, first name. Name of the article. Date of publication. Publication source. Retrieved from “web site address” on “date that it was retrieved”.

If your source does not have an author, or you can’t identify an author, you can skip that step. The name would be the first thing that you use in this case.

In text citations

The main point of citing a source is to include a direct quote into your paper to give a statement that you have made credibility. It will be important then to make sure that you choose a direct quote that proves your statement as well as being from a credible source. You wouldn’t want to prove your paper by using a quote from a source that has not authority in the matter. This will not help show that what you are working to present is correct. You will want to include your citation information like this in the paper:

“This is a direct quote from a credible source,” (Author, Date).

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