How To Compose A Computer Science Research Paper: A Quick Guide

When you are writing a research paper the person that you should do is read your question or prompt carefully. Make sure that you highlight keywords and that you check any words with which you are unfamiliar so that you thoroughly comprehend the meaning. Make sure you identify task words. Task words are words which indicate what you need to do. Some examples include:

  • Discussed
  • Compare
  • Explain

You should also identify any topic words. Topic words will indicate the subject of your research paper. Some examples of topic words include:

  • Character of Juliet
  • Causes of World War II

You then want to identify any limiting words. Limiting words are words which restrict your discussion to particular areas or events or chapters. Some examples include:

  • Chapter 1 through 3
  • During the 20th century

The next thing you should do is finish reading any related research for background materials. You should be selective about the sources that you use for your reference list. It is perfectly fine to use a source such as Wikipedia to learn rudimentary information or background information about your topic but you should not use it as a source. Instead you should review any background information you need related to your topic and then figure out what you need to cover in more detail. This will help you to find more appropriate academic sources related to your topic.

When you are taking notes use your own words but make sure that if you write down a quotation or a statistic or any type of fact that you also write down the corresponding bibliographic information directly beneath or next to the information that you have written down. This will make it significantly easier for you when it comes time to creating your reference page.

Next thing you want to do is brainstorm ideas in response to your prompt. You should jot down any notes that you have and write out any relevant pieces of evidence or quotes that you have thought of. You can use something such as a mind map to find links between the information that you have and what information you want to cover further.

After this you should develop your thesis. Thesis should respond to the prompt or the question that you want to answer throughout the duration of your research paper. This is to be a singular statement which expresses your response to the prompt or question.

Once you have your thesis in mind, it is time to create an outline, draft your paper, and revise until you are satisfied with the finished product.

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