Basic Tips On How To Make A Title Page For A Research Paper

A research paper is a huge paper that you have to write for school where you come up with a main topic and then develop a research question about it. You then will conduct research by reading through articles, journals, books, and other sources to find information on your topic. The next step will be to answer your research question and then start building your case as to why you came up with that answer. When it comes to writing this type of piece, it is so important to include cited and paraphrased material from credible sources to prove your case. You will make general statements that you learned from your research and then you must back your statements up with evidence.

You will likely be asked to write your paper in a certain formatting style. This is usually required so that all of the papers can be graded the same and so that everyone has to write the same amount of information. For example, if you are asked to write a ten page research paper and you use a ten point font and another student uses a twelve point font, you will have to write more. Plus, you may have used a font that looks so pretty but is really difficult to read. By choosing a uniform way of formatting the papers and making every student follow it, everyone is on the same playing field and it is easy for the teacher to read through the entire classes’ papers.

Follow the format for your title page

If you are asked to write a research paper in the MLA formatting style, you will need to format your title page differently than if you have to use the APA formatting style.

Here’s the difference:

  • MLA- the title of the paper, along with your name, and the date will appear in the upper left hand corner of the same page as your text.
  • APA- the title, your name, class name, teacher’s name, and date will appear in the center of a separate paper at the beginning of your piece. It will also have a header with an abridged title flush left and the page number flush right.

You will want to either get a sample of a paper written in that formatting style or follow a formatting guide to make sure that you are doing it the right way.

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