How Do I Compose A Good Research Paper Starting With A Quote?

A good research paper can be accomplished by anyone if you follow directions and do the necessary research to create a thorough, accurate paper. If your paper is well organized, there will be a good flow to it and you will be successful. Quotes are used to establish credibility and show that you aren’t making up what you say. If you start your paper with a quote, you automatically are saying something that has been substantiated by someone else and your thesis is designed to prove whatever this quote has stated. Your quote is actually going to be used as your thesis statement and it better be pretty profound in order to put it in your paper. Make sure you do the following in order to compose a great research paper.

Research thoroughly

Make sure you spend a lot of time doing research. Use at least three different sources to get your information. Make sure you keep your notes organized so that you can find what you need later. The more research you do, the more accurate and thorough your paper will be. Use index cards so that you can keep your notes organized and you will be more successful.

Make an outline

Make an outline that includes your introduction which has to have the thesis statement and also something else interesting to draw the attention of your audience. Use a roman numeral for each section. After the introduction, use at least three sections to prove your statement. You need at least three roman numerals and then at least sentences in each section that will prove the topic sentence in each paragraph. After you have that done you can write your conclusion. This should restate your thesis statement and then also give your audience something to think about.

Create a rough draft

Use your outline like a road map and create your rough draft. Keep your paper organized according to your outline and you will have great flow. It is a great idea to have someone you respect read over your rough draft. Ask them to give you some advice on how to make your paper better.

Make edits and final draft

Take advantage of what your editor said and make the necessary changes and create your final draft. I recommend this service if you want more information on how to create a great research paper.

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