Composing A Proper Research Paper Title: Great Suggestions For Newbies

The title of a research paper is one of its key elements. Many students think that composing a title is an easy task, but they are wrong. The title of a paper should clearly describe its contents and be understandable. It means that you should think very carefully before creating a title for your research paper. Here are a few tips that you should follow when it come to this matter.

  1. Make your title simple and catchy.
  2. The main purpose of a title is to tell readers what to expect in a paper. You should create a title that is clear and attractive. Use active verbs, rather than complex passive phrases to attract readers’ attention. Don’t mention extensive details, you’ll have your whole paper to write about them. Try to fit your title into ten or twelve words. In this case, it’ll be long enough to describe the contents, but not too long. Long titles might be difficult to understand right away.

  3. Avoid jargon and abbreviations.
  4. Even if you write a research paper on some narrow scientific topic, you should use words that are understandable for everyone. Some non-scientists may also want to read your paper. However, if they don’t even understand the title, they aren’t likely to continue reading. Look for understandable alternatives of jargon words and use full names when it comes to abbreviations that aren’t known by everyone.

  5. Use appropriate key words.
  6. It’s possible that your research paper may be used as an example by some other students in the future. However, even if your work is great, but your title is written poorly, they may not even find it. When composing a title for your paper, you should use words that are relevant to your topic. You may even make your title a little bit longer than ten words if it’s the only way to describe your topic in full. Otherwise, a shorter title will look more attractive, but won’t resemble all the contents of your work. When a title is written with proper keywords, other students will easily find your paper both in a college library and on the Internet. It’s always good when your work is cited in some other paper’s list of references.

  7. Avoid just provocative titles.
  8. It’s not advisable to compose your titles in the form of provocative question. However, if you decided to do it anyway, you should add some kind of an explanation to your question to make the title more understandable and descriptive.

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