Top 27 Acute Research Paper Topics You Can Write About

One of the most difficult parts of writing essays is choosing the topic. When you have a research paper to do and the topic choice is open, you often don’t even know where to start or what you might enjoy writing about. If that’s the case, you can use this article as a starting place, because below are several very good topics for your use.

Topics for research papers you can write

Think about each one of these until one catches your attention. If you already have some knowledge or skill in a certain area, or something interests you that you want to know more about, that’s the topic you should pick. Selecting a topic that involves something related to your life is a good way to make it fun and have a personal interest. In fact, it is much easier to be motivated to do your work with a great topic, and you will get better results.

  1. Education: grade placement by age or by academic skills
  2. Schools preventing drug and alcohol abuse
  3. Funding for education
  4. How has the internet affected the music industry?
  5. Should governments be able to police the information on the internet?
  6. Tobacco use and how it affects the body
  7. Low fat versus low carb diets
  8. Causes of anorexia
  9. Statistics of down’s syndrome
  10. Should overweight people have higher medical premiums?
  11. Side effects of birth control
  12. History and differences between ADHD and ADD
  13. Workplace injury rates and recovery
  14. Discuss seasonal depression and how it can be treated
  15. Where do you stand on the issue of assisted suicide versus preservation of life
  16. Influence of social networks on teenagers
  17. How marketing to children is different than marketing to adults
  18. Controversial political ads and media responses
  19. Do children learn better in single gender schools than co-ed schools?
  20. Are current treatments available to HIV patients effective?
  21. Privacy for children with AIDS versus the safety of other children
  22. Should college campus drinking be limited?
  23. Medical research and animal rights: where is the ethical and moral line?
  24. Should athletes in colleges be paid for their sport?
  25. Should the government legalize certain steroids for training athletes?
  26. Effects on social life and grades of athletes
  27. Do children learn better if their parents push them into sports?

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