Where To Search For A Good Research Paper Summary Example

The research paper is a unique writing assignment which you will experience many times throughout the course of your academic career. You should feel comfortable with it by learning how to write it early on. If you are searching for a good research paper summary example there are many places you can look.

  • The first place you can look is your teacher. Chances are your teacher has provided you with a sample when they gave you your original instructions/assignment details. If they did not provide you with a sample chances are they intended to. Sometimes teachers are merely absent-minded. Other times teachers do not provide you with a tangible copy of a sample but they go over one in class with everyone. If this was the case you can simply ask your teacher to send you a digital copy of the piece they went over in class.

  • Alternatively you can turn to your school library. Many libraries will post previously published a student material either on a bulletin board as a means of display or they will have it on their school website. Some schools even offer writing assistance in the form of classes which meet in the library or in your student academic center or your homework center. Find out which of the centers your school offers and see if they have samples they can provide you.

  • Writing guides are a great place to find the samples you need. If possible invest in purchasing a top-tier writing guide because you will more than likely turn to it throughout the course of your academic career in search of a relevant sample. These guides can be found in every bookstore, on the Internet, and in your school library. If you're unable to purchase one right now you can always go to your library and see about checking them out. In some cases they are considered reference material which means you cannot check them out and take them home but you can photocopy the relevant pages and take those home.

  • You can always turn to the Internet if you are still in need of a simple but be cautious in doing this and make sure that the site from which you obtain a sample is an academic site somewhat related to an educational institution such as an educational branch of your government or an academic institution like a university.

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