How To Create A Strong Conclusion For A Research Paper On Leonardo Da Vinci

You can create your research paper on Leonardo da Vinci focusing on his inventions, paintings, or know-how techniques. Either way, you will find plenty of ideas to discuss in your writing. By the time you get to your assignment conclusion, you may have a feeling that you have nothing more to say. However, this part of your paper is important for your readers, so you should finish strong and in a proper manner.

How to Close Your Research Paper

The following guidelines will help you compose an effective conclusion, so choose one of the strategies below:

  • Examine the original purpose of the assignment in the light of data.
  • It makes sense to return to the opening and restate your thesis in the light of obtained data and evidence. You should broaden the understanding of the topic and prove that your key ideas are valid.

  • Summarize your key points.
  • You can summarize the skills and abilities of Leonardo da Vinci that allowed him to create such beautiful pieces of art. Ensure that you make your writing interesting and avoid simply listing the points.

  • Make an emphasis on the importance of the topic.
  • It’s a good idea to state the overall importance of what you have said in your paper. For example, you can explain how habits of Leonardo da Vinci helped him work productively, fight procrastination, and stay motivated.

  • Identify future research areas.
  • You can conclude your assignment by identifying what else can be explored on the topic and describing the questions that remained. Here, you should remember to restate the key findings and indicate the related issues.

  • Suggest a solution to the problem.
  • A problem-solution research paper requires that a conclusion provides a solution to the problem described in the thesis. For example, you can point out that studying the paintings by Leonardo da Vinci is complicated for the scientists and outline potential solutions in the conclusion.

What Details to Keep in Mind

You should consider the type of your research paper to select the right conclusion strategy. It’s also important to admit that this piece of writing should not be long nor present new claims and controversial ideas. If you are not a skilled writer and need some assistance, ask for help here. Professional helpers will complete your assignment and provide you with an example of a strong conclusion. However, try to start as early as possible to have enough time to revise the entire work.

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