Choosing A Topic For A Research Paper On Unemployment

Unemployment is a topic that crosses many academic borders. This can be discussed in economics, business administration, human resources, and sociology. Unemployment is a labor concern that is going to plague society on a continual basis. There is no way to successfully eradicate it entirely.

A research paper on unemployment ought to begin with an explanation of unemployment in general. You can draft that explanation even before you choose a topic. Having given the reader an understanding of the overall concept of unemployment you can choose an issue within the broader definition discussing the research paper. Perhaps one of the best places to look for that subject would be in the print media. Newspapers and journals will carry stories about unemployment and the various aspects of it. The evening news on television might have topic areas in the broadcast delivered.

The title can even be something that you create yourself. It might be, for example:

  • Unemployment As It Affects the Family;
  • The Plight of the Permanently Unemployed;
  • Teenage Unemployment and Its Effects on Later Adult Life;
  • Reasons for High Unemployment among Minorities;
  • What Level of Unemployment Is Acceptable in Modern Society?;
  • The Success or Failure of a Government Attempt to Curb Unemployment;
  • Comparison of Unemployment between Two Given States;
  • Unemployment in the Social Media Age;
  • Attempts to Reduce Intercity Unemployment.

One advantage that you have is that unemployment is such a very broad topic area. You can be very general or you can pick a specific aspect of unemployment to write about. What you should check into is whether or not there is sufficient research to justify writing on your topic at all. Some elements of unemployment are really being investigated fully. You should concentrate on the amount of research published in scholarly journals. Simply relying on blog sites or the popular press may not be that impressive. Your teacher needs to know that you have made an effort to look into the literature available, and that you took note of the serious research done on your topic area.

You can do some investigation of the search engine to uncover some possible topics for your paper. It wouldn’t take much effort to isolate one particular idea. You then can do another search based on that particular possibility and see if there is enough evidence published to justify going further. Unemployment is something that society worries about and seeks answers. You’ll learn a lot more about this subject area and might even become somewhat of an authority on the topic you have chosen. The latter depends on how much investigating, you eventually do

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