The Most Effective Tips On How To Start A Research Paper

The beginning of any writing may be considered its most valuable part – after all, it’s what the reader first sees when he opens the essay and this is what shapes the mood he will read it with and, of course, the impression it will leave. That’s why it is important to start your paper with something that will impress your reader – and in a good way. Moreover, people say that a good beginning is half of the work already done, we all know how it can be hard to get yourself down to writing. Our guide will give you a few tips on how to overcome that and write an introduction that will leave your reader impressed.

Choosing your topic

The first important step in getting down to writing your research paper is to choose a topic for it. If you cannot start writing just yet, this is a good preparation step. Think of what you would like to complete a research on, what would be interesting for you to read and write about. Look through your class notes and find a good topic that you’ve been through once before. Combine it all together – and you’ve got yourself a perfect thing to write on.

Creating a thesis statement

Next thing you need to do is choose a sentence that will define the whole course of research and writing. It will be included in your introduction (at the end of it) and will be the first thing your teacher pays attention to. The thesis statement shall be catchy and sound interesting – you want your reader to get curious. At the same time it needs to briefly, but fully, explain what you are up to in your paper, be a one-sentence summary that describes your writing to the reader.

Let’s start writing!

You probably never wanted this moment to come, but here it comes. You will need to get in front of your computer and start writing your research paper. Here are a few steps to take:

  1. Write an outline. It’s needed for most of the papers and will help you get your thoughts together.
  2. Start with a hook: an interesting piece of evidence, a quotation or some statistics will do.
  3. Explain your key terms to the audience. If you’ve never heard about the subject of your essay before you actually started writing, it’s good to explain the others what it actually means.

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