A Brief Tutorial On How To Write A High School Level Research Paper

Most students learn the rudiments of writing a research paper when they are in high school. But since the assignment is often new to them they can find it quite challenging to get things right the first few times around. So, we’ve created this useful and short tutorial on how to write a high school level research paper accurately:

  1. Do your research at the school library
  2. You can certainly find out a lot of useful information by searching online, but the meaty content of your work should come from academic research at the library. Write down your notes and citation information accurately to save you time from having to come back and retrieve the information again.

  3. Gather your notes and create a paper outline
  4. Now that you have taken notes you can arrange your content into an outline. Each of your major discussion points should be arranged with supporting evidence directly beneath it. Arrange your points logically so that the reader understands what it is you are trying to say. It’s also easier to rearrange things in an outline form if you find that things don’t make sense. Do so now to save your time when writing.

  5. Write your first draft quickly and efficiently
  6. Procrastination and lack-of-confidence can both make completing this assignment very difficult. Don’t hesitate to start writing; try to get a first draft down quickly when all of your ideas are fresh. Also, don’t let small mistakes or poor composition deter your from moving forward; write efficiently without thinking about the little things.

  7. Set your work aside for a few days before revising
  8. One of the biggest problems high school students have is they wait until the last minute to do their homework – especially when it comes to large and difficult assignments like these. So you want to make sure that you have given yourself time to take a break before attempting to revise your work. Coming to it with a fresh perspective can help you make several improvements you might not have identified with the days off.

  9. Edit, proofread and put in all the finishing touches
  10. Lastly, be sure to completely edit and proofread your assignment before handing it in to your instructor. Mistakes, no matter how small, can lower your grade. Also be sure to check that you have put in all the finishing touches (e.g. page numbers, aligned margins, etc.). Presentation can make a big positive difference.

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