Looking For A Proofread Sample Of A Literature Research Paper

A literature research paper is an extended piece of essay that requires intensive investigation to make the argument justified. Debatable literature paper offers specific and detail review of the topic from the writer’s perspective. It should include examples and detailed descriptions about the writing papers like how to initiate the topic, way to use the available information and its proper formatting structure. The paper is more about offering description of available materials or set of summaries.

Ensure that you demonstrate your skills specifically in two areas in addition to revealing the knowledge of the topic-

  1. Information: You should scan the entire literature effectively employing proper manual and computerized array of methods. For this refer as many books or an article as you can that is related to your topic.
  2. Critical appraisal: While you write your paper, make sure that you possess the skills and can apply the analytical principles while identifying the unprejudiced and validated studies.
    • Your proofread sample of a literature research paper must focus on following things-
    • It should be well organized and should be written in direct context of your thesis question.
    • The results should be transformed into a summary that states what is known to you and what is still not known.
    • Your thesis should also identify the areas of argument in the literature.
    • Finally you should also frame questions that require additional research.

      Once you are done with your writing part, ask yourself following questions-

      • Does my literature paper justifiably offer the desired answers regarding my research question?
      • Am I answering all the issues of theory, its methodology, policies and quantitative research stating effectiveness of the procedures perfectly?
      • Have I effectively used journals, books, media articles or government documents for reference? Have I narrowed the material excluding irrelevant content? Do all the resources cater the length of the paper?
      • Have I followed all the concepts and questions to critically analyze the thesis summarizing the listed items stating strengths and weaknesses?
      • Is the literature review offered by me is appropriate and useful in context of reader’s perspective?

      When you refer any resource, keep following questions in mind-

      • Does the book answers my issue clearly citing scope, significance and relevance in terms of the subject?
      • Can I approach the problem more effectively from other end?
      • Is author’s perspective more of interpretative or critical type or is combination of both?
      • Does the author answer my question in terms of psychological mode, developmental mode or from the feminist opinion?
      • Does the relationship between theoretical and research work match?

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