A List Of Interesting Research Papers On Music

Music plays a big role in lives of many people, so it may become a good topic for your research paper. There are many angles from which you may look at music in your work. Music is a part of culture, instrument that might help you relax, and a great source of inspiration. In this article you may look at some music topics that might be used to write a decent paper.

  1. Healing powers of music.
  2. There are many researchers who claim that music has therapeutic effects. Investigate this matter in your paper and present your results.

  3. The development of classical music.
  4. Explore in your paper how classical music has emerged and tell about its development over the years. What’s going on with classical music nowadays?

  5. Chopin’s methods of education.
  6. Chopin was famous for his unique approach to the education of pianists. Investigate this matter in your research paper and list the features of his approach.

  7. Music improvisation helps with treating mood disorders.
  8. It is said that music improvisation might lift your mood. Do your investigation and explore how improvisation affects a human brain.

  9. The development of folk music in the USA.
  10. The folk music in the United States was greatly influenced by African immigrants. Investigate this topic and list the features of American folk music.

  11. Music and deaf people.
  12. Deaf people have no opportunity to listen to music like the majority of people. Do your research and explore whether they may feel it in different ways.

  13. The origins of music.
  14. Music has accompanied almost all human history, but do we know when did it originate? Write in your paper about the premises of its emergence and the first types of music.

  15. Music talent and the Savant syndrome.
  16. Many people who have the Savant syndrome are known to be talented musicians. Investigate in your paper the connection between these two facts.

  17. Ambient music: is it music at all?
  18. The purpose of ambient music is to create a particular atmosphere. Ambient musicians use environmental sounds rather than musical instruments. Discuss whether this can be called music at all.

  19. The development of music recording.
  20. Nowadays almost anyone may record music with a help of computers. Do research and write in your paper about the emergence and development of music recording.

  21. The music in shopping malls.
  22. Shopping malls and supermarkets use special music that makes people spend more time on shopping. Investigate this topic and present the formula of this type of music.

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