20 US History Research Paper Topics Worth Writing About

In order to build a future, it is imperative to know history. Throughout its history, the U.S.A. had a lot of significant historical events worth writing about. The history of the U.S.A. is quite broad. There were periods of slavery, industrialism and colonial movements. There were wars, such as the Civil War and the war in Vietnam. Native American history should also me mentioned as one of the major topics. It is not an easy task to pick a captivating and interesting theme for a history research paper.

First of all, the topic must be quite specific, but not too narrow. Do not look for a very complex theme. Choose something that is simple to understand and appealing to the readers. The following list of 20 history research paper topics might help you get started.

  1. The causes and effects of the Mexican War. The role of the USA in the war.
  2. The history of Mormons and their impact on the development of American society.
  3. What is the Gold Rush? How did it influence the development of California?
  4. Native Americans. Historical drama of the Trail of Tears.
  5. The key leaders of the Abolitionist movement. How did it lead to the Civil War?
  6. The Civil War. What were the main causes of the conflict between South and North? Were there any other issues of controversy apart from slavery?
  7. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Has it influenced the development of the country after the Civil War?
  8. The impact of electric power on the U.S. becoming a super state. Discuss the roles of the most famous inventors (Tesla, Edison, etc)
  9. The causes and effects of the Pullman Strike.
  10. “Melting pot” or “salad bowl”? Discuss immigration issues and difficulties faced by the immigrants. Are they able to adjust to life in the U.S.A.?
  11. The San Francisco fire and earthquake of 1906.
  12. Henry Ford. His role in economic development of the American society.
  13. Suffrage movement. Its successes and failures.
  14. Causes and effects of the Harlem Renaissance. Its key personalities.
  15. The impact of Pearl Harbor on the U.S. participation in World War II. Could this have been avoided?
  16. The origins of the Cold War. What influence did it have on the foreign policy of the U.S.A.?
  17. Vietnam War. What is its influence on the contemporary American society?
  18. The problem of segregation in the American society.
  19. Historical implications of affirmative action.
  20. September 11, 2001 and its impact on Americans’ views of Islam.

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