Creating A Good Research Paper Introduction Paragraph

Writing a good research paper takes time and some skills. This assignment consists of different elements, including an introduction which is often the most challenging part of the work to create. The typical paragraph is about a half page in length unless the topic requires some additional details. It includes an opening sentence, supporting statements, thesis statement, and transition sentence. This kind of writing should help the readers learn the context of the research and understand the main reasoning of the author.

Creating a piece of writing that communicates your study hypothesis effectively and also catches the interest of the audience involves several important steps:

  1. Learn tips and warnings first.
  2. On the Web, you can find dozens of tips and tricks that you can use in order to create a good piece of writing. For example, use the assignment outline to help you decide what points to include in your paragraph. Many students agree that it makes sense to write this section last, so you will not leave out any important information. It is advisable to avoid using personal pronouns and making pronouncements.

  3. Write a few sentences about your topic.
  4. Your introduction paragraph should give the readers an idea of what topic you are writing your paper about. It is not a good idea to begin with the thesis statement. For an academic work, you can start with the significance of your research, provide the rationale behind your model, and explain how it will help you meet the study objectives. Some social studies also require some background information on your subject matter.

  5. Build a strong thesis statement.
  6. The thesis statement or hypothesis is an important part of your introduction. It is recommended to provide it in the final sentence of a paragraph. Although most professors ask their students to limit their theses into a single sentence, sometimes it is reasonable to write multiple sentences in order to explain your point clearly. Remember to revise your thesis statement after the assignment is ready.

  7. Provide the main points of your work.
  8. The research paper introduction should contain the main points that you want to discuss, goals and objectives of the study, and expected results. So, you will let the readers know what your assignment is about. Make sure to provide all the details in a logical sequence and avoid too many facts and data. Remember that you should not write about controversial points in this section of the paper.

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