How To Create An Appealing Research Paper Introduction

The introduction of any paper should draw in the reader. With a research paper, the reader should not only be told what to expect, but also the outcomes of the research. The reader of a paper should be able to clearly identify from the introduction of the paper what the paper will be about.

A way to create interest for readers of your paper is to use a compelling and relevant quote. By drawing in your readers with a timeless quote, you can quickly capture the attention of your readers. Capture the reader’s attention and then hold it by tying in the quotation with a relevant statement to what you are going to be talking about. For example, in a research paper on the subjugation of minorities, you could write the following.

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves” Abraham Lincoln. Throughout the centuries groups of people have attempted to control the actions of others.

By tying in the quotation or opening statement to a relevant statement that addresses the main issue of the paper, you will have successfully drawn in your reader. The following sentences should serve as support statements of your main topic. Each support statement should address another facet of the topic that you are exploring.

A minimum of three support topics will give enough information to your reader, providing them with information about what they are about to read. Finally, provide insight into the conclusions of the material presented. This means that you should state the outcomes of the research to clear any ambiguity surrounding what the research entailed.

Your introduction should pique the interest of potential readers. They should be drawn by your introduction through clear and concise statements that are free of bias. Upon reading your introduction the reader should be able to determine whether or not your particular research article is of relevant value to the specific purpose that the reader will be referring to your material.

Of course, if your introduction is lackluster, boring, and unorganized, you will have lost your reader within the first sentence of two. Do not use big words, simply to try to impress your reader; as this will likely backfire. Start out with something to make your reader, say “wow!” and continue to draw them in to a point that they want to read the rest of your paper. You will have then successfully created an appealing research paper introduction!

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