How to choose the right format for a term paper for college

There’re many different formats that can be used for college term paper. The format generally includes how the paper itself is structured and laid out on the page, as well as how both the in text citations and bibliography are structured and presented. It can be difficult to know which format you should be choosing for your assignment.

Follow these easy tips on how to choose the right format for a college term paper:

  • Ask your teacher
  • By far the easiest way to find out which format to use for your assignment is to ask your teacher or professor. Many will include the format that they prefer in the assignment guidelines. But if yours has not, ask them in class or send them an email.

  • Choose from the big three
  • The majority of the time your assignment we’ll use one of three major formatting styles. These are APA, Chicago, and MLA. APA, which is short for the American Psychiatric Association, is commonly used for the social sciences. MLA on the other hand is generally used for literature and English courses. The third format, Chicago, is most often used for business related courses. If your professor has not told you which format to use it is generally a safe bet to use one of these three most common styles that corresponds with a subject of the course.

  • Find out if there is a format specific to your discipline
  • In some subjects, particularly in the sciences, there are dozens of specialized format that are specific to each discipline. For instance, within geology, there are different formats for papers on sedimentology than on glacial geology. So, if your paper it’s for science course, it is a good idea to find out if there is a specialized format for that discipline.

  • Look at the most prominent journal for the discipline
  • By far the easiest way to learn how to format the paper, including citations and references, for specialized discipline is to look at the most prominent journal for that discipline. Four instance, with our example of geology, in order to find out how to format a paper in sedimentology you should look at The Journal Of Sedimentology. You can either do this by finding a back issue of the Journal, or you can go to their website and look for formatting requirements for submissions.

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