How To Compose A Strong Research Paper About Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction has become a growing concern among mental health professionals, especially in recent years. Video games have long since entered the average household, and over time, they grow increasingly complex, immersive, and time-consuming. For most people, video games are a normal hobby that takes up a reasonable amount of their free time. Millions of people all over the world enjoy video games, and the medium has quickly become one of the main types of modern entertainment. It can even be artistic at times, and is widely considered to be a valid storytelling medium akin to the film or the novel. However, for a subset of people, video gaming can become an addictive behavior. It begins to consume all of their time, at the expense of other activities like work, school, or spending time with friends and family. They don’t feel right unless they’re playing video games. Video game addiction works by similar mechanisms to other addictions, like drug, alcohol, and sex addictions, and can be just as debilitating for a person’s mental health. As a relatively new area of academic study, video game addiction is an interesting choice of topic for a research paper. Here are a few things you may want to keep in mind when composing a strong research paper about video game addiction.

  • The history of video game addiction. Addiction is probably as old as the human species, but video game addiction is a recent phenomenon. When did people begin presenting with symptoms of addiction to video games?

  • The neurobiology of video game addiction. Addiction is a complex mental health issue, but there is evidence that addictive tendencies may be at least partially hereditary. Research has indicated that video game addiction works by similar neurochemical mechanisms to other behavioral addictions, like sex addiction or gambling addiction. There is a very fascinating body of scientific research on this, which would be a valuable addition to your research paper.

  • The social prevalence of video game addiction. Although video game addiction is not yet included in the Diagnostics and Statistics Manual as a diagnosable illness, it’s widely recognized as a real disorder, and often grouped under obsessive-compulsive disorders. How common is video game addiction? Is it possible that many people who suffer from it haven’t been diagnosed, or haven’t recognized it as a problem yet?

  • Comorbidity and video game addiction. In your research paper, you may also want to discuss what other mental health issues are likely to occur in people with video game addiction. Like other addictions, video game addiction is often associated with anxiety, depression, or other disorders.

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