How To Write A Good Research Paper Outline In The MLA Format

An outline provides a map that you will use to complete your research paper. It shows the points that will be used to support your hypothesis including their order. It also helps you to identify the strong points that will be positioned strategically through the paper to create maximum impact. You will avoid repetition of ideas or an incoherent flow that dilutes the quality of your work. Here are tips on writing the best outline in MLA format.

  • Review MLA Formatting Rules
  • Unless you understand the requirements of MLA format, it is impossible to successfully write the paper. There are rules that govern MLA formatting including presentation of ideas, citations, referencing, spacing, etc. In case any of these rules is not known to you, it is advisable that you consult to ensure that you commence your work in the right way.

  • Identify Your Main Points
  • Each topic has anchor points that will for the basis of your arguments. Brainstorm on these points ensuring that you note down every idea that comes to mind. Do not bother about the order in which these ideas will appear as you brainstorm. Allow your mind to generate as may ideas as possible. Some ideas will be declared weak, others merged while others will be dismissed. Brainstorming allows you to think through your topic and identify the best points for your paper.

  • Seek Supporting Ideas
  • Comb through the ideas generated and find supporting materials or points. This allows you to shake the knuckles of each point. In case there are no enough points to support an idea, dismiss it. Other points might carry a lot of weight to the point of necessitating a split. Others could be too weak and are best merged to create the desired impact.

  • Order Your Points
  • From the points generated, identify the strongest that will make compelling opening and closing arguments. The others are ordered to produce a coherent research paper. The order should seek to take the reader through a revelation that results in better understanding of the topic. A strong closing statement is as important as the opening one. It leaves a resounding impression that makes your arguments memorable.

There are examples of MLA format outlines that will simplify the process of creating your research paper. Obtaining a good sample will simplify your writing process. The strength of your outline will be reflected in the outcome of your work.

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