Practical Guidelines for Creating a Research Paper Literature Review

Writing a literature review is not a difficult task so if you are tasked with this assignment, here are practical guidelines for you to follow to complete your work.

  • Identify all the guidelines and requirements
  • One of the first steps in this type of project is clearly outline all the requirements of the task and the formatting that you are to use. Discuss the requirements with your instructor to ensure what formatting you should use and any particular requirements they have for assignments in that class. Document all the formatting and requirements they provide before you begin so you can do the work properly.

  • Select a piece of literature to review
  • The next step in completing this assignment is to pick your topic and in this case the topic will be a piece of literature. In some cases, the literature you must review will be preassigned, but in other cases you will need to find something to use as your topic. Working within the requirements of that you are given find a piece of literature that interests you and then move on to the next step.

  • Read and take notes of the subject matter
  • The next step in the process is to read and understand the literature that you have selected. This may seem like an obvious step but it is necessary. Set aside time to read the work one or two times recording notes and key points to use in your writing.

  • Develop a summary
  • The next step in the process may not seem obvious but you need to develop a summary of your literature. Use this summary to define and compile your work in the next step.

  • Compose the review
  • Now that you understand the work, have your notes and written the summary, you can review the piece itself. Compose the research paper highlighting all the key points that you identified in your reading and use them as key points in the writing.

  • Editing and proof reading
  • No writing is ever complete without editing your work for correctness. Do the editing yourself or maybe partner with your friend to ensure that everything is correct.

Writing a literature review is a helpful tool that instructors will use in the educational process to help expand your knowledge of the subject matter. Follow these steps and you will have a high quality piece of writing to turn in for your assignment.

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