In-Depth Guide To Writing A Research Paper On Product Design And Development

Writing a research paper on product design and development is common requirement within the engineering field. While many people can be skilled in writing short essays on a given topic, research papers are an entirely different species. Here is an in-depth guide to writing a research paper on product design and development you will find valuable:

Analyze the Results of Your Study Early

Don’t hesitate to analyze the results of your study; this should be done well before you start writing the bulk of your assignment. The longer you give yourself to critically think about the information you have the more you will be able to spot occasional holes or open-ended questions. This doesn’t mean you have to do the work over again, but it does help in acknowledging limitations to your work.

Focus on the Quality of the Information

One of the biggest misconceptions in writing academic assignments is that the more one writes the better grade they will receive. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. The most important aspect to any academic assignment is quality. The information you present in your product design and development assignment should be focused and relevant to your study. No more, no less. Cut out the fat and make your work more direct and to the point.

Explain the Theory behind the Information

This is the part where many engineering students struggle. Many engineers are adept at applying their theories and conducting the actual research, but fall short when it comes to explaining those theories and findings in a written form that is accessible to others who aren’t as experienced in the field. In order to make the assignment interesting you should read up on what others in the field have published (from your studies) and make a distinction between specialized terms and general terms. Always keep your reader in mind when doing this.

Cite All Current and Relevant Resources

Finally, you should always accurately cite the resources used in your study. However, you should have only used current and relevant resources when conducting your study, as engineering is a rapidly evolving field in which information might become outdated in a matter of months rather than years. Using current and relevant resources will give your work more credibility which should lead to either publication (if you are submitting to a journal) or a better grade (if you are submitting to an engineering class).

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